Version 1.1.2

⏩ Auto-Advance

Set up a looping pre-show in seconds inside Showcase. Seriously – it’s soooo easy! In the play screen, toggle this Auto-Advance on and you’re good to go! Every slide will play for the set time and then advance to the next slide. When it reaches the end it will loop back to the first slide. In the Edit screen you can manually override the duration per-slide.


? New files at your fingertips

We’ve made it even easier to create new files! Get started with the “+” buttons right next to the builder types in the Library! Go on – click it!

☕️ Improve Performance

We also fixed a bunch of bugs. Here are the biggest ones.

  • Fixed a bug where importing some files would not include images
  • Fixed a bug where videos wouldn’t work in Countdown Maker
  • Fixed a bug where some windows users couldn’t login

If you have problems with the updater, please try upgrading manually by going to and downloading the latest version.

July 4th, 2019|

Upgrading Sidekick

Some older versions of Sidekick are having trouble updating. If you don’t have the latest version and the updater is giving you blank errors, you can manually update Sidekick.

Go to and download the latest version. Then install over your previous version. All of your files are completely safe. Once it’s installed, give it a run! You should be up to date.

If you have any issues, suggestions, or kind words, please feel free to email [email protected]

– Sidekick team

June 5th, 2019|

Version 1.1.1

? Bug fix

Sorry folks. We found an issue where videos were not importing sometimes. This update should fix that! Play on!

June 5th, 2019|

Version 1.1.0

? Showcase

Showcase is a brand new builder in Sidekick. With Showcase you can import any image or video and display it. Showcase can display your sermon slides, playback videos, show your announcements, etc. You can drag images or videos from any game you buy from DYM right into Showcase and play it from within Sidekick! And this is only the beginning — we’ve got big plans for Showcase!

To get a better taste, check out this video:

? Hide/Show all Items

In all of our builders you now have the ability to show/hide all of the items. If you play a file more than once this should be music to your ears. Resetting for the next service no longer means clicking 20 eyeballs!

✅ Bulk Add Title Graphic option

You can bulk add images to Pixelate, PhotoFury, or Showcase by dropping files right into the Edit list. Now there is a magic checkbox to make one of those images your title graphic! This makes building your files so much faster!


? Show Filenames option

Two files may have similar title graphics but be drastically different files. Finding the right one in your library can be a guessing game. Not anymore! You can easily show the names of those files right in the library!

☕️ Improve Performance

We’ve touched most of the app to squeeze more performance out of Sidekick, giving you the best experience in your program. Sidekick is faster, easier, and looks smashing in a plaid shirt!

June 4th, 2019|

Version 1.0.6

☕️ Improved Performance

– Fixed a bug where certain files would get stuck while importing.
– Fixed a bug that some files wouldn’t delete properly.
– Other security and performance fixes.

March 7th, 2019|

Version 1.0.5

? Playlist has arrived!

Plan and organize your files that you plan on using in your service with the brand new Playlist! Use the star icon in the upper-left of any file in your Library to add/remove items to your Playlist. And, in the new Playlist pane you can reorder and go to any file!


? Videos in Countdown Maker

What is a countdown if it doesn’t have a random video behind it? With Countdown Maker you can add your own videos per countdown in the updated “Image/Video” popup in the item details. Videos are automatically looped to fill the duration of the countdown.
Note: currently limited to .mp4 files.


☕️ Improved Performance

– You can now enter in the item fields to quickly add new items.
– We’ve replaced Advanced Cropping with Advanced Positioning to make Sidekick work better on any screen!
– Added shiny new toggle buttons that make it easier to know if something is on or off.
– Fixed a number of other bugs!

February 21st, 2019|