⏩ Auto-Advance

Set up a looping pre-show in seconds inside Showcase. Seriously – it’s soooo easy! In the play screen, toggle this Auto-Advance on and you’re good to go! Every slide will play for the set time and then advance to the next slide. When it reaches the end it will loop back to the first slide. In the Edit screen you can manually override the duration per-slide.


? New files at your fingertips

We’ve made it even easier to create new files! Get started with the “+” buttons right next to the builder types in the Library! Go on – click it!

☕️ Improve Performance

We also fixed a bunch of bugs. Here are the biggest ones.

  • Fixed a bug where importing some files would not include images
  • Fixed a bug where videos wouldn’t work in Countdown Maker
  • Fixed a bug where some windows users couldn’t login

If you have problems with the updater, please try upgrading manually by going to https://sidekick.tv and downloading the latest version.