Learn Sidekick!

Sidekick Basics

Sidekick Full Demo (Webinar)

Get the complete walk-through of Sidekick.  Watch on YouTube for the chapters.

Sidekick Overview

Watch a quick demo of a few things Sidekick can do.

Importing Files

Learn to import .sidekick files purchased from the store.

Importing Files with Presenter

Learn to import JPG and MP4 files into Presenter.

Sidekick in Zoom

Learn how to use Sidekick with Zoom.

Zoom PC Bug with Sidekick

Get the work-around for Zoom’s PC bug with Sidekick. (Windows only)

Going Live

Learn how the display settings work inside Sidekick.

Title Graphics

Learn how to display and customize your title graphics.


Learn how to use the playlist to quickly switch between files and create a service flow.

Using the Picker

Learn how to use the picker for random or rigged outcomes.

Quickly Add Items

Learn how to add items in bulk.

Understanding the Library

Learn quick tips on how to use the library in Sidekick

“How to Play” Instructions included with every file
Each file comes with clear and simple instructions and game play options. Just click “How to Play” on the top right of the EDIT tab.

Still Need Help?

Click the links below to find out more about how Sidekick or contact support.


Builder Overviews