? Playlist has arrived!

Plan and organize your files that you plan on using in your service with the brand new Playlist! Use the star icon in the upper-left of any file in your Library to add/remove items to your Playlist. And, in the new Playlist pane you can reorder and go to any file!


? Videos in Countdown Maker

What is a countdown if it doesn’t have a random video behind it? With Countdown Maker you can add your own videos per countdown in the updated “Image/Video” popup in the item details. Videos are automatically looped to fill the duration of the countdown.
Note: currently limited to .mp4 files.


☕️ Improved Performance

– You can now enter in the item fields to quickly add new items.
– We’ve replaced Advanced Cropping with Advanced Positioning to make Sidekick work better on any screen!
– Added shiny new toggle buttons that make it easier to know if something is on or off.
– Fixed a number of other bugs!