??? Bulk Add Images

Now in Photo Fury and Pixelate you can use the Bulk Add button to drag-n-drop as many images as you want!

  • Play Poser (Photo Fury), but right before service you take pictures of leaders doing the Poses. In one operation you can drop in all the images!
  • Pick your next volunteer using Photo Fury by dropping silly faces of each of your students. Now, instead of seeing their name of the screen, they see their face!

☕️ Improved Performance

  • fixed a bug that prevented some files from being exported! Export away!
  • fixed a bug where Wheel of Destiny wouldn’t pick a new random or hide the last item.
  • fixed Recents to be more… recent-y.
  • fixed a bug where sometimes the spacebar wouldn’t trigger the picker.
  • a considerable number of other random bugs!