⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added keyboard shortcuts per each builder in Sidekick. For example, in Wheel of Destiny you can use the space bar in the Play tab to spin that wheel! In Trivia, you can use the up/down arrows to go between questions, or “a”-“e” to reveal the answers! There are more hidden gems in here. You can now go to Help > Keyboard Shortcuts to see what is available (this list changes based on the builder and tab you’re in).

? Advanced Display Cropping

Not all screens are alike! Some screens have TripleHead2Gos or DualHead2Gos. Some screens just need some extra love. With this update of Sidekick you can now manually adjust the output of Sidekick! Find these controls in your Display settings, under the TV icon in the upper-right of Sidekick!

? Leaderboard Improvements

You can now show and hide teams in the Play tab! Use this feature to “reveal” the winners in order with ease!
We’ve also made a ton of under the hood improvements to Leaderboard, so it should be easier, faster, and more reliable! Did we mention ⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts?! Well, now you can use keyboard shortcuts to add and remove points in Leaderboard, too!

? Feature Requests and Bug Reports

We want to hear from you! So we added the ability for you to request features or new builder ideas, as well as report bugs you find in the app. You can find these options in the “Help > Submit a feature…” and “Help > Report a bug…” options! We want Sidekick to be your sidekick — so let us know how we can make it better for you!

☕️ Improving Performance

As with any app update, we’ve made a ton of tweaks to fix bugs and improve performance.