Introducing Sidekick

Sidekick is a Mac/PC presentation app for creating interactive elements in your weekly programs.

This version brings you:

10 fully-customizable builders

  • Boxes: A random box picker.
  • Emoji Hunt: An Emoji slot machine.
  • Wheel of Destiny: A completely customizable spinny-wheel.
  • Pick Me: An easy people picker complete with odds!
  • Leaderboard: Keep score with up to 10 teams.
  • Survey Says: A Family Feud-style game builder.
  • Countdown Maker: Customizable countdowns in seconds!
  • Pixelate: Customizable “Image guessing” game without Photoshop!
  • Trivia: Full-featured, multiple-choice game builder.
  • Photo Fury: A fully-cusomizable, fast-paced, random image picker.

45 ready-to-go included files

We’re not going to leave you hanging. Not only can you build all of the files you want to use in your program, but we’ve included 45 right off the bat for free! Give them a spin!

Share with others

Easily export your own .sidekick files and share them with friends, or make them available through the DYM Store!

It just works

Sidekick plugs right into your projector, TV, or video system directly from your computer. It works seamlessly with ProPresenter, PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other presentation software you normally use!